Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Remember the time I got married...

Nine years ago, on a warm December day, much like today actually, Matt and I got married. Looking back there are so many things I would change if I had to do over. I would have picked different bridesmaid dresses, sorry girls... I would have had simpler LIGHTER flower bouquets. I would have spent more money on a photographer with more experience. I would have had a bigger reception that everyone stayed at to dance the night away.

But I was so young. And really didn't want to spend a lot on one day. I think even then I knew the wedding wasn't the main event. It was just a fun formality. These nine years have proven that point. It was a great day. But it hasn't even come close to my favorite day with Matt Washburn. 

Thank you to all the family and friends who were there to support us and who continue to play a huge part in our marriage. And thanks Matt, here's to 99 more.

 Here 9 things I remember looking back. 
  • My dress didn't fit. I had to tug all day because it kept sliding down. The bridal shop talked me into ordering a size up because they swore they ran small. But of course I dieted and exercised like crazy for my wedding day and by December 4th it was THREE sizes too big and we didn't have time or money to alter it. So in all the pictures it's sinking in instead of fitted. '
  • I was oblivious to what anyone else was doing all day. Apparently the flowers were wilted and someone fixed them, a bridesmaid forgot her ribbon sash and went to Hobby Lobby and bought/improvised another, my 3-year old brother in law got lost in a giant pile of leaves minutes before picture time. A cell phone rang during the ceremony.  There was a tacky Christmas tree contest on the lawn in front of the chapel that day, I never noticed until this picture was developed. And someone, maybe a groomsmen, listened to the SEC championship game during the service on a head set.

  • Someone, that was not an actual lady of the night, wore a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit to my wedding, including fishnet stockings and thigh high black boots.
  • My mom's friend told me it wasn't too late to run while I was waiting to go down the aisle, and Matt's sister (also a bridesmaid) assured me it was indeed too late.

  • I forgot to put my veil over my face to walk down the aisle, after I had specifically bought a veil to do that with.

  • I shook and bounced up and down so much during the service during one of the prayers my pastor had to tell me to be still.
  • I got the giggles when that happened and couldn't stop laughing during the unity candle song.

  • Matt blew a snot bubble when he hugged my Mom at the end of the ceremony

  • We were both exhausted by the end of the ceremony and just wanted to lay down and watch Saturday Night Live. Which is what we did.

 What a great day, as a matter of fact, I wouldn't change a thing.


O.P.T. out (Old Person Thinking Outloud) said...

Lovely memories and very well written. Good writing comes from good thoughts.

Mary Elizabeth said...

And I forgot, Mom, you were so sick that day too! You had to go to a minor med just to make it through the day!

Laura said...

It was a fun day! I had forgotten about Mrs. Claus, but yes, I do remember that...