Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week late Halloween Post

Happy {late} Halloween Y'all. Hope you had a sugar rushed day! We had a great one as usual, because Halloween is the coolest.

Here are some quick shots and notes from our holiday.

First up the annual carnival at Wes's school! This year she was big enough to get into the bouncy slide thing!

Sweet friends admiring each others costumes.

Daddy giving "pointers"

Then it was off to Zoo Boo, Wee had way more fun with the free zoo rides all night, she could care less about more candy (for now).

True story: For this pic I wanted her to stretch her arms like the bat, so I told her "Do like Tony Allen" and it worked! Such a good little Grizz Fan #gogrizz

Then it was time for the main event! Trick or treating!!

Playing with her shadow, so apropos 

Such an independent girl!

Trick or treating is best done with best friends!
 {Even if you are pretending to be sworn mortal enemies}

Happy Halloween 2012!!

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