Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our {Fake} Campout

Fall weather means it's time to spend as much of your life outside as you can! But being the technology junkies we are it means, moving things you love like Alabama football games and The Wizard of Oz outside with you.

Enter homemade drive in movie theater.


Here's how we did it, not rocket science. And it cost $0, because everything we needed we found around the house.

1 piece of plywood, laying in the attic. 1 white bed sheet, stuffed in a box in the attic. And a staple gun. That was our "screen"

Then I found hooks and metal rings in the basement that attached to the porch decking to hang the screen up.

Then we hooked up our projector to our laptop and voila!

And now that we have the set up, we are looking for every opportunity to get outside in nature and watch TV.

Like a kid's first "Wizard of Oz" experience!

 But this time I ramped up the outdoorsy experience. I added a fire pit, hotdogs on a stick and marshmallows for roasting! That's downright camping y'all. I mean, as long as you define camping as having a bed, blankets, access to a fridge, bathroom and wireless internet, right?

I think I earned a merit badge on this one, for reals.

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Laura said...

Now that's my kind of campout!